Love Origins® Chocolate Bars


Each box of Love Origins contains six sleeves of high cocoa mass dark chocolate wafers from the finest growing regions across the globe.

Product Description

An exclusive line of premium eating chocolate, Love Origins® consists of six chocolates chosen for their unique flavor qualities as well as the amazing stories of discovery, post harvesting methods and preservation unique to each. Each box contains six sleeves of high cocoa mass dark chocolate wafers including: Bolivian, which is made with organic beans from sustainable farms in Bolivia; Tainori, La Red and Hacienda Elvesia, made with sustainable beans of The Dominican Republic, and Alto el Sol and Fortunato No. 4, made with sustainable beans from Peru. Read more about these amazing chocolates!

The organic cacao beans in Love Origins® chocolates are farmed using sound humanitarian and environmental business practices. By purchasing these chocolates, you help us to reward and support chocolate companies that invest in improving social and economic conditions for those who farm and harvest the cacao. Also, Norman Love Confections is investing a portion of the proceeds from Love Origins® in the Rice Stove Project, an initiative to improve the lives of cacao farm workers and their families.